A family business

Linda took the reins from her parents Bill and Jose after they decided to begin stepping back from the business.  She manages the day-to-day operations with a lifetime spent in the greenhouse and gardening industry, Linda endeavours to make Cozyn’s Garden Gallery the best it can possibly be. This includes a focus on guiding the fourth generation as son Aaron joins the management team, and daughters Nicole and Shannon learn the ropes as well.

Of course, long-term success wouldn’t be possible without the contribution of several key individuals who are now part of the Cozyn’s Garden Gallery extended family, including…
• Brenda Campbell, designer and retail manager
• Jo Ann Wilhelm, our head floral designer
• Aaron Grasby, our greenhouse manager
• Mike Rider, our nursery manager
• Wayne “The Bug-Guy” Kuntze, Director of Natural Pest Control

Cozyn’s Garden Gallery is a place to find gifts and home decorating treasures, with the greenhouse as the primary focus. Stepping into the greenhouse is to walk forward in time. Spring bedding plants and flowers emerge in winter. Fall mums and poinsettias begin growing in late summer.

The Christmas store

Three months of the year, from October to the end of December, Cozyn’s transforms itself from a garden store into a Christmas wonderland. Customers stroll among more than 25 fully decorated Christmas trees. Christmas inspiration is everywhere you turn, with holiday decorating ideas for every room in your home.

Here to stay

With a focus on customer satisfaction, Cozyn’s Garden Gallery puts the reputation of four generations of family on the line every morning when the doors open. We invite you to enjoy our little bit of nature, and to bring some
home with you. It truly is the place where great ideas… grow!