Soils and Mulches

Cozyn’s Garden Gallery has everything you need to give your plants a proper home – a wide selection of soils, manures, mulches and decorative stones.

Premium Garden Gallery Soil

Garden Gallery Tri-Mix
Cozyn’s Garden Gallery Tri-mix is formulated with a control release fertilizer to ensure a successful start for all your planting needs.

Garden Gallery Potting Soil
Cozyn’s Garden Gallery Potting Soil is complete ready-to-use soil for container potting or or indoor plants.

Garden Gallery Garden Soil
Cozyn’s Garden Gallery Garden Soil is enriched with compost to grow a healthy garden and is weed free!

Garden Gallery Patio Planter Soil
Cozyn’s Garden Gallery Patio Planter Soil is specially formulated with a blend to retain moisture.

Composted Manure
Cozyn’s Garden Gallery Premium Composted Manure is safe, non-burning and odor free, with sphagnum peat moss. It is a natural product with a high level of organic matter that stimulates biological activity in the soil encouraging strong root growth, and aides in the overall plant health.

In addition to Cozyn’s Garden Gallery’s premium line of soils and composted manure, we carry soils for your indoor plants like Fafard Agro Mix, when planting your trees and shrubs we have Fafard Biofor and Fafard Rose Soil for beautiful roses.

Pine Bark
Ideal for landscape beautification, Fafard Pine Bark has the added benefits of maintaining soil moisture and preventing weed growth. A bag of Fafard Pine Bark Mini-nuggests will cover two square metres (22 square feet) at a thickness of about 2.5 cm or an inch.

Peat Moss
Considered an essential for lawns and gardens, peat moss is a natural, organic soil conditioner that regulates moisture and air around plant roots for ideal growing conditions. It aerates plant roots by loosening heavy soil and adding body to sandy soil. It also saves water by absorbing and holding moisture and reduces leaching by releasing nutrients to plants over time.

Cedar Mulch
Always popular for appearance and aroma, cedar mulch helps retain moisture, repel insects, and control weeds. For optimum weed control, layer about 4 inches thick. We offer a great selection of colours natural, red, black and brown.

You’ll find an assortment of decorative ground covers available at Cozyn’s Garden Gallery. Choices include marble chips, clay stones, and river rock in a variety of sizes and colours.