Front Yard Landscape Design

Landscape Design 3
















A – Dense Yew  or  Globe Cedar

B – Boxwood  or  Alpine Currant

C – Euonymus  or  Cotoneaster

D – Birch Clump  or   Amur Maple Clump

E – Calgary Carpet Juniper  or  Green Mound Juniper

F – Dwarf Fountain Grass  or  Variegated Sedge Grass

G – Coral Bells  or  Artemesia

H – Stella Díoro Daylily  or  Daylily

I – Astilbe  or  Hosta

J – Dianthus  or  Fleece flower

K  - Floribunda Rose  or   Grandiflora Rose

L – Bergenia  or   Coral Bells

M – PeeGee Hydrangea Std.  or  Weeping Mulberry

N – Cranesbill  or  Shasta Daisy

O – Japanese Maple  or  Serviceberry Clump

P – Creeping Thyme  or  Ajuga Ground Cover

Q – Clematis Vine  or  Climbing Hydrangea

R – Rhododendron  or  Holly

S – Hosta  or Lady’s Mantle

T – Liatris  or  Iris

Use seasonal flowers throughout for added colour

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