Lawn Care

GREATgrass starts at Cozyn’s Garden Gallery

Before you start your lawn care project come in and get the right advice from Cozyn’s Garden Gallery. Our GREATgrass Experts can prescribe the right treatment for your lawn and lifestyle, and our professional quality Cozyn’s Garden Gallery fertilizer will make your lawn thicker, greener and healthier. All of our lawn care products meet our high quality standards of performance and are GREATgrass Approved to ensure professional results. Look for our GREATgrass logo throughout the store highlighting quality products that guarantee great results.

What makes Cozyn’s Garden Gallery fertilizer the best?

Will not burn your lawn

Slow release nitrogen prevents burning when applied as directed.

No Surge Growth

Slow release nitrogen delivers consistent and continuous feeding to eliminate surge growth.

Builds strong roots

Fortifies with chelated iron to build strong roots and thick deep green grass

Cozyn’s Garden Gallery’s GREATgrass Class

Come in and let one of our GREATgrass Experts prescribe the right treatment for your lawn. Learn from the GREATgrass Experts at Cozyn’s Garden Gallery. We’ll show you how to get great grass with one of our Custom Lawn Care Programs…personally prescribed for your lawn and lifestyle.

Rejuvenate your lawn… the Natural Solutions wayNatural Solutions logo

Our Lawn Rejuvenation package is our environmentally friendly way to give your lawn a healthy kick start to the season. Combine the items listed below over 750 square feet of existing lawn. Water frequently to keep mixture moist. Seed will take approximately 7 to 21 days to germinate. Be sure to keep the lawn moist while the seed is germinating.

Quick Tip

Open bag of vermiculite at the top and pour a generous watering can into the bag. This will cut down on the dust of vermiculite.

Rejuvenation package includes

  • Vermiculite 1 – large bag approx. 80 L.
  • Peat Moss 1 – 3.8 cu. ft. bag
  • Grass Seed 1 kg./2.2 lbs.
  • Garden Gallery Sod & Seed Starter 1 – 3.5 kg. Container

Using Nematodes to control insects in your lawn

Nematodes are a microscopic earth worm. They kill host larvae and within 2 to 3 weeks will reproduce a new generation of up to 200,000 more Nematodes. They control more than 250 insects including Cutworm, Japanese Beetle Grubs, Root Weevils, Corn Borers, Wire Worms, Fungus Gnat Larvae, Leather Jackets, Thirps Puac and many more. Nematodes are not typically available until mid spring (end of May). Nematodes do not like extreme heat, therefore they are not typically available for sale from end of June until mid August.

When is the best time to apply nematodes to my lawn?

Apply Nematodes anytime from early Spring through fall as long as the soil temperature doesn’t fall below 50°F (10°C) or rise above 82°F (28°C). To avoid the effects of solar radiation & temperature extremes, application in early morning or early evening is recommended. More than one application of Nematodes may be required for acceptable control when soil environments are not conducive for nematode persistence. Adequate soil moisture is essential for successful use of Nematodes since they require a film of water in which to migrate to and penetrate insects.

How do I apply Nematodes to my lawn?

Rinse Nematodes from the supplied sponge into a small amount of water which becomes a concentrated solution of Nematodes. They can withstand pressure of up to 300 psi, so you can use an injector system, or dilute them with more water and use a pump spray, watering can or pail. They will gradually settle in the standing water, agitation is necessary as you apply them. Nematodes will drown if left in water for more than 2 hours.

Problems With Your Lawndead grass

Usually you’re aware something’s wrong when your lawn doesn’t look right. Either the grass is dead in spots, turned a different colour, is wilted, or you see an increase in weeds. Most of these symptoms are the sign that your lawn isn’t in the best of health.

Ask yourself these simple questions, listed below, and come in to see one of our GREATgrass Experts who can prescribe the right treatment for your lawn and lifestyle.


puppy on grass



Do You Have A Dog?

Everyone loves dogs. However, they can be extremely hard on your lawn. Dog urine is very harmful to your lawn. We can help.

Do You Have Crabgrass?Crabgrass

Crabgrass can be controlled in a number of ways, but the best defense against crabgrass is a thick vigorously growing lawn that is kept mowed to a maximum height of 2 1/2″ tall.



Do You Have Bugs In Your Lawn?

lawn bugs

Chinch bug damage is usually first detected when irregular patches of turf begin to turn yellow then straw coloured. The straw coloured areas may be completely dead. These patches continue to become larger in spite of watering.

Grubs and Crane Fly’s both feed on the roots of tender grass plants that soon kills the plant. Crane Fly’s also migrate to the surface of the turf on damp, warm nights to eat stems and grass blades.

Do some excavating to see if you can find any grubs, crane fly’s or chinch bugs in the damaged lawn areas.

Lawn care Tips…

Water your lawn

It’s best to water established lawns at the rate of one inch per week, applied all at one time to promote deep rooting. Frequent light waterings produce shallow roots and plants are then unable to tolerate dry periods.

Water early in the morning. If watering is done in the evening, grass stays wet all night, thus increasing risk of disease.

Keep in mind

  • Established, healthy lawns can survive several weeks of dormancy during summer with little or no water.
  • Watering early in the morning puts less strain on public water supplies because the peak load is during evening.
  • Excess water can keep the soil too moist, which damages roots.

Let grass grow taller

  • To promote deep rooting and lawns that tolerate dry conditions, mow the grass no shorter than two inches.
  • Taller grass shades the soil surface, thus reducing evaporation and sprouting of weed seeds.

GREATgrass approved products

Grass Seedgrass-seed

Our Cozyn’s Garden Gallery grass seed is 99.9% weed free and endophyte enhanced to prevent grubs. It is perfectly formulated for our growing needs. 1lb. covers 200 Sq. Ft., 1kg. covers 40 m2

  • Sun or shade
  • All Purpose
  • Low Maintenance
  • Quick Grass

Fresh Cut SodRoll of Sod

The fast way to a beautiful new lawn. Each roll covers approximately 9 Sq. Ft. See in-store for details.