At Cozyn’s Garden Gallery you will find a wide selection of nursery products – from the common Purple Leaf Sandcherry and Spireas, to the rare and hard to find varieties of Japanese Maples and dwarf conifers.

We source our plant material from all over North America so that we can continuously provide our customers with the best quality, best selection and competitive prices… every day.

Common Name    Category  
Botanical Name   Light Requirements  

Zebra Rush (Scirpus tabernaemontani 'Zebrinus')
This hardy bog rush has heavily variegated foliage. Ideal for shallow water.
Height & Width: 90-120cm T x 5-15cm D
Light Requirements: Full to Partial Sun
Zone: Zone 4-5

Zinnia Magellan Mix (Zinnia elegans 'Magellan Mix')
Dwarf zinnia with large, fully double flowers throughout the summer. Ideal for borders or pots.
Height & Width: 30cm T x 25cm W
Light Requirements: Full Sun

Zinnia Profusion Mix (Zinnia 'Profusion')
Spectacular summer colour from masses of single or double flowers. Disease resistant. Heat tolerant.
Height & Width: 30cm T x 30cm W
Light Requirements: Full Sun