Cozyn’s Garden Gallery Water Soluble Fertilizers

Cozyn’s Garden Gallery’s water-soluble fertilizers are easy to apply and provide an instant boost to all your garden plants. We’ll help you choose the right one for your growing needs.

Garden Gallery Plant Starters

All Purpose
Cozyn’s Garden Gallery’s All Gro is a highly concentrated, water-soluble fertilizer that supplies a well-balanced blend of nutrients for all indoor and outdoor plants. It provides an even balance of nitrogen, phosphorus and potash making it a standard fertilizer for foliage and can be used on any crop where there are no specific soil deficiencies.

Evergreen & Foliage
Green GRO
Supplies major nutrients, minerals, and iron in a concentrated, water-soluble formula for evergreens, plants that prefer acidic soils like Azaleas, rhododendrons and lilacs, plus indoor foliage plants and lawns. Package provides specific instructions for the various uses.  Grow lush evergreens, flourishing foliage and greener grass!

Flowers & Vegetables
Flower GRO
Indoor and outdoor flowers, vegetables and fruit bearing plants thrive with this high concentrated water-soluble fertilizer. The fast-acting formula is readily absorbed by root systems, nourishes plants and promotes vigorous growth, colourful blooms and abundant fruit.  Watch your plants grow lusher, flowers bloom brighter and fruit yields multiply!

Plant Starter
A fast-acting high phosphorous formula that dissolves instantly in water and is readily absorbed by roots to reduce transplant shock and ensure plant establishment. Use Plant Starter for seeding, annuals, vegetables, perennials, roses, shrubs and trees, as well as when transplanting outdoor plants or repotting house plants.

Slow Release Fertilizers

Now easy-to-apply shaker containers provide slow-release, granular fertilizer that will feed your plants for up to three months. Come in and talk to one of our Gardening Experts and we’ll help you select the right fertilizer for your growing needs.

Tree & Shrub Food
Our formulation of 14 % Nitrogen, 5% Phosphoric Acid, and 8% soluble potash helps increase leaf growth, green foliage and fruit size and is particularly suited to small evergreens and shrubs, large deciduous trees, evergreens, fruit and berry trees. Follow package instructions carefully.

Blood & Bone Meal
Apply blood and bone meal into the soil as part of a complete program that relates to the fertility of the soil. Read label carefully. Package includes instructions for proper applications for shrubs, vegetables and flower gardens; window boxes, potted plants and house plants; tulips, hyacinths and other flowering bulbs; and rose gardens trees and shrubs.

Perennial Food
Work into perennial beds in early spring and again mid summer to help promote strong roots, optimum perennial growth and flowering. Read label for proper storage and usage.

Rose Food
Ideal for planting new roses, established roses and climbing roses, this formulation helps establish strong roots, sturdy stalks and abundant, colourful blooms. Should be applied in early spring before blooming begins.

Garden Food
Spread evenly into the soil to promote strong root systems, healthy foliage and abundant vegetables and flowers. Package includes recommended application rates for vegetables, window boxes and potted plants.

Bone Meal
Bone meal should be worked into the soil before seeding, planting or transplanting and repeated again during growing season to promote the growth of beautiful flowers and abundant vegetable harvests. See package for specific recommended rates for new bulbs, vegetables and flowers, small evergreens and shrubs and group plantings and borders.

Sod & Seed Food
Use this formulation for seeding new lawns, laying sod or over-seeding existing lawns. Spread the mix into the soil of the planting area before seeding or laying sod. After second mowing (for seeded and over-seeded lawns) or after 4 weeks (sod) apply a Cozyn’s Garden Gallery Lawn fertilizer.